NONAME Restaurant

The chic and relaxed mood of Palermo's most unique boutique hotel meets with a project aiming at depicting beauty through art, architecture and cuisine: this is NONAME, in its new spaces at Hotel Principe di Villafranca.

An association between NONAME; the physical and abstract place where time is king, because it's the minutes and hours spent in it that will change its name everytime, turning it into your special place, and Hotel Principe di Villafranca, to share a dining experience where cuisine, aestetics, narrative and character will tell a story, your story. 

NONAME is open to both hotel guests, accessing it from the property, and to external guests, accessing it from its main entrance, in via Giuseppina Turrisi Colonna 12. Open for dinner, it is also the ideal setting for business lunches, private dinners and events.

SUMMER OPENING TIMES: 8-11 pm Mon to Fri 

FROM SEPTEMBER: 1-3 pm - 8-11 pm Mon to Sat / Sun: 1-3 pm