A city with a thousand souls during the day, at night Palermo reconfirms itself as the most versatile of places, becoming off, cool, jazz or street, as you like it.

Wine bars
Do you feel like having an unforgettable glass of wine, in a fascinating place, surrounded by locals? Enoteca Picone, in via Marconi, in a must of wine-loving Palermo. Sitting on a wine case, a barrel as your table, in the middle of shelves and shelves of incredibly hot labels, ask for Vera's advice to find your perfect glass. If you want to have a superb cocktail accompanied with delicious sushi, in a truly trendy place, be sure to pay a visit to Tribeca.If you feel like going to the historical city centre instead, we absolutely recommend Cana. A wooden shell in the amazing frame of via Alloro, with perfect wines, and sublime cheeses.

Street life
The real Palermo movida is in its streets. Wide areas of the city turn at night into actual open-air street parties, with some bars to act like a lighthouse.
Via dei Chiavettieri, and the Ai Chiavettieri wine bar, are one of the trendiest places of the Palermo movida: sitting on the edge of the Vucciria, it can be the first step of a journey that can start with a quiet drink and end with a wild reggae dj-set under the stars between the ruins of Piazza Garraffello in the Vucciria or one for the road at the Taverna Azurra.
If you are looking for a slightly more traditional itinerary, you can start with a glass of wine at Piazza Rivoluzione, then have another drink at nearby Bar Garibaldi and then go back to Piazza Rivoluzione and wait for a live concert in one of its bars to start.
If you haven't had enough to spend your nights on the stone pavements of Palermo, go have a look at the main square in the Ballarò neighbourhood. Hippy, punk and intellectual tribes fill the square night after night, drinking local beer and breathing the smells of nearby African taverns.

Palermo is a city filled with wonderful notes. From contemporary sounds to jazz, a thousand melodies fill the air.
Open-air concerts in the parks, contemporary music festivals, songwriters playing live in underground clubs, jazz nights in small bars or in fascinating venues like the Spasimo. Check our Events sections before you travel.

From primary institutions like Teatro Massimo, the opera house that hosted famous international directors like Terry Gilliam and Ang Lee to the Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo, the main playhouse of the city, Palermo loves theatre in all its forms: from comedy, to enjoy at Agricantus, to experimental theatre, to be found at Teatro Libero, Teatro alla Guilla or Teatro delle Balate, which we absoultely recommend for the lively calendar, the lovely location and the warm welcome.