Art Hotel

Hotel Principe di Villafranca, since its re-opening in 2010, dedicates a special attention and resources to the diffusion and promotion of contemporary art, making this close link one of its unique characteristics.

After the initial decision of making the works of Simona Cavaglieri the key feature of each room, the merger between art and hospitaity has become a project in 2013, with the series of site-specific installations and exhibitions called Junior 105 – the Art Room, followed by the artistic action by Desideria Burgio "Tell me how you feel (about Palermo)", which from the National Pride week all throughout the summer has questioned hotel guests on their feelings towards the city.

Cooperations and Events

Junior 105 - the Art Room : Brea Souders_ The trail of dreams, curated by Mariachiara di Trapani, in cooperation with Carlo Madesani and Camera 16

AURA_Simona Cavaglieri curated by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo

Postcard Project- Tell me how you feel about Palermo, artistic action by Desideria Burgio, in cooperation with Palermo Pride

Junior 105 - the Art Room : Rori Palazzo, Dreams, temporary display of the series including the winner of one of the Laguna Art Prize prizes. 

Laboratorio Saccardi, Selected Works

Daniela Balsamo, Selected Works