Boutique Hotel

Hotel Principe di Villafranca represents an absolutely unique stay experience, with a very similar layout to an ancient house, featuring all living areas on the ground floor and all rooms on the first floor.

The entrance immediately opens to the Front Desk area and a corridor full of light, along which are displayed the living rooms and halls of the hotel, exuding a refined and noble atmosphere.

The light colours of the rooms highlight the beauty of precious fabrics, while masterpieces by ancient Sicilian furniture makers mix with original artworks, antiques and design furniture.

Guests can plunge into a book from the library, where they can choose among newspapers, magazines, classic novels, art books and foreign language novels, or check their mailbox using the Internet Point, or chat in the fireplace hall.

The sophisticated and unusual elegance of all the property areas, from relaxation rooms to corridors, and the constant presence of art and design all throughout the stay experience leave a mark on guests, which in the end realize they travelled the city without moving.