The Hammam in via Torrearsa, just 600 metres from your room, is a traditional Turkish bath, created following the footsteps of Islamic tradition.
It provides the possibility of a wellness path through communicating rooms at different temperatures (apodyterium, tepidarium e calidarium) that end in the relaxation room, where you can prepare yourself to go back to the real world with a cup of fresh tea and an almond delicacy.

Besides the Turkish bath, the Hammam has a complete massage menu, including both traditional ones and oriental ones, like Ayurveda, Shatsu or Moxa, and many body and facial treatments.

Relax is just a call away for guests at Hotel Principe di Villafranca: you just have to pick your desired treatment from the menu you find in your room and book it throught the Front Desk. 
For further information, visit www.hammam.pa.it.